* Faith created a designer. Imagination created an entreprenuer. Determination created a business. *

The Story

I’m Jamielynn, a graphic designer with 13+ years of design experience, based out of cold and beautiful Minnesota. Working at a giga-church for 10 years built into me a pace, an experience level of knowledge and ability to produce in a cost effective way for my clients now. 

In 2013 Studio Lola was launched as a freelance opportunity where I can LOVE what I do; and also have time to LAUGH with my kids. [That’s also where the name LOLA came from]  I work hard and play with legos…what can I say?

As an extroverted introvert, I love to meet new people just as much as I love to work independently. A true connector - finding the right fit for clients with a trusted network of awesome collaborators is by far one of the gifts that brings me to life.

My faith if Jesus is a big part of my life. After years of working in full-time ministry as an artist, I have learned the deep value of intentional kindness and generosity. This aspect is an important part of our business. A portion of our profits will be given to local and global charities.