Logo Design, Brand Creation and Consulting

At Studio Lola, our passion is for small businesses, non-profits and churches. What happens when we combine your desire for something new and exciting for your business or organization with our heart for smart design? Well, friends-- that's when the magic happens. Through customized collaboration with great designers, writers, strategists, and web creatives tailored to your specific needs, we’ll build the right team of people to breathe life into your business and elevate your brand.

Studio Lola provides an affordable opportunity to take the business or organization you’re so passionate about, from pretty good to really great. We have worked tirelessly to create a strategic network of (rad) people and companies who have proven themselves trustworthy and competitive in quality and cost. We promise to guide you in finding a good fit for your company and accomplishing your specific goals.



I’m Jamielynn, a Graphic Designer with 15+ years of experience. My home is in the heart of the cold and the beautiful Midwest, in Minnesota. Ten years designing for a giga-church taught me how to work fast, to be frugal, and to always maintain integrity. After stepping away from my role at the church in 2013, I launched Studio Lola.

Lola makes it possible for me to LOVE what I do, and have time to LAUGH with my kids. [Get it? LO(ve) LA(ugh)? See, you’re impressed by my creativity already!]  I get to spend my days producing design layouts and my evenings playing with legos. Could there be anything better?

As an extroverted introvert, I love to meet new people just as much as I love to work independently. I am a true connector. Finding the right solutions for clients through my trusted network of awesome collaborators is by far one of the biggest parts of this job  that really brings me to life.

My faith in Jesus is cornerstone to everything I do. After years of working in full-time ministry as an artist, I have learned the deep value of intentional kindness and generosity. This aspect is an important part of my business. In fact, a significant portion of Studio Lola’s profits are donated to local and global charities.